As the main portal to a large variety of sites, yours truly hobbies and love, Aelysia shares the open-minded trait and spreads the color of love all over the web. I solely believe in quality over quantity so only the sites that are my very best will appear here, even if it means there are not that many to display. However, don't let that disappoint you. This network is still expanding with many surprising projects that are currently being worked on, so be sure to keep a lookout for them.


The heart and central hub of the domain.

For a more comprehensive view of the contents, each sites will have a clickable, corresponding images below and will lead you to its information, highlighting the importance of the site itself which gives you a better list of what I have stored here.

CLOUDPLANE  ◦  Collective Directory

A public directory of collective domains housing various type of sites filled with fun/fan-based content, owned and operated by fellow web owners.
DREAMSCAPE  ◦  Pokémon Collective

A small but growing Pokémon collective — a portal to all sites that we currently own and maintain, whether they're shrines, cliques, or fanlistings.
ENAMOUR  ◦  Fanlisting Collective

A fanlisting hub that lists all fanlistings, essentially a cyber list of fans from all over the world who share a common interest, approved by TFL and TAFL.
EXVIUS  ◦  Final Fantasy Claim Clique

A crystal guardian clique where you summon your Final Fantasy character of your choice to become your ally to guard your crystal.
INVIDIA  ◦  Final Fantasy Collective

A collective from the Final Fantasy franchise, filled with our personal interest. It's still relatively small, but it continues to grow and develop all the time.


Other noteworthy visits.

Miscellaneous sites that are either regularly updated or archived, but the additions are seldom mentioned.


Work in progress.

Sites below are currently being worked on while others are merely ideas that may change at any time.
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