Aelysia officially debuted on July 1st 2009 and it continuously serves as a collective consisting personal various projects; since then it has undergone quite the transformation. This domain is part of the Celestial Oracle Studio and was registered through GoDaddy, then transferred over to Dreamhost. Aelysia is my little haven on the internet where I can express my work online catering to my narcissistic tendencies as well as any curious passersby. This domain is in other words, the head and root of everything I own, manage, and administrate. In essence, this place is my own home on the web, and it holds tremendous meaning to me.


Story behind that unique name.

In creating a domain name to suit my needs, I needed it to be short, unique, and something for one to remember. Soon after, the word "elysia" which means "heaven; blissful" came to mind. To add to a little more creativity, the idea of adding an "A" in front of the word elysia would still be pronounced the same way. The word crystallized that concept quite well that I decided it was time to start anew. With all domain extensions back then still available to me, I felt .net was perfect and this is how came to be. As the first domain owner, I can't think of letting it go anytime soon.


The creation of this design.

For the want of technical details, this layout created was from the series Dolly Kiss illustrated by Queenie Law (aka CHIGUSA), designed on Photoshop CC, and was coded using HTML, PHP, and CSS in Notepad. Fonts used were Alegreya Sans, Felix Titling, Noto Serif, and Playfair Display. Resources such as the image and textures are located at Memento — Credits Directory. Extra add on scripts to fancy up this domain were:
Smooth Scrolling - fancy page scrolling
qTip Tooltip - nicer blurbs
Animated Collapsible DIV - network contents
Fancyapps Lightbox - customized popup window
Sliding jQuery Menu - dropdown navigation
This layout was originally designed for my contact page although was decided on as a main theme for Aelysia instead. This design was achieved over the time period of around two weeks total, but that is hardly anything amazing considering I spent the majority of that time stressing over how certain things weren't turning out the way I wanted it to. And time spent hardly equates to quality. There were a lot of points where I wanted to scrap it and start again, but it's common knowledge that if you switch paths you'll always end up with something worse the second time around.


The owner of this domain.

I'm a self-proclaimed web developer, self-taught, hobbyist web designer and coder. Graphic designing and coding is a way for me to escape reality and utilize my domain as a stress-reliever hobby I do on the side.

My online presence extends back in 2003 and have had first hand experiences with web design. The introduction of my first graphic site enabled me learn basic HTML/CSS. PHP/MySQL were a plus as they were popular during my time which in return I've acquired experiences with the help of incredible people I've met in the web designing community. The year 2000 was considerably the golden era of web/graphic designing due to the large amount of free graphic sites that ever existed.

In the span of six years, however, the internet and design elements started to evolve at a rapid pace. In addition, advanced programing languages improved/changed, thus many codes and scripts depreciated. With the responsive web layouts at its peek in popularity, it's surprising how difficult it was to keep up with the web design trend. To my dismay, my decision to shut down my graphics site for good was certainly heartbreaking. Evenso, I've still commited to retaining my skills in coding and designing. In turn, the idea of having my own collective today continuously serves as my personal playground for coding and the birth of my domain enabled me to have my own pace in learning and space to grow, albeit knowing this is a slow process. This motivated me to grow as a better designer nonetheless and, most importantly, continue to pursue my hobby for many more years to come.
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