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Late Updates

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Been far too long for updates. Sorry guys, we’ve been announcing some opened sites on Twitter, but too lazy to post them here. Anyhow, we’ve had some fanlistings opened as well as a couple updates on Eidolon as well.

On a side note, Cerine is also contemplating whether to close some fanlistings because we’re both no longer interested in them. She will probably close them down if no one applied via KIM. Oh, and she just got approved for a couple fanlistings too, so be on a look out for that!

A new layout on Eidolon is up! Kinda got tired of the dark colors and wanted a light theme this time. I have also changed the link buttons from 88×31 to 88×11. Plus, the design is way better than the previous. And if you have own a site and love any Final Fantasy series, please join us!

I knew I was forgetting a site before posting this in public, but anyway, our little Pokémon collective is also online! Like Crystallis, Dreamscape is a collective related to any various Pokémon sites we own including shrines and fanlistings. I simply love the entire design because of the Eeveelution theme I decided to do.

Inu Yasha—Inu Yasha
Another of our favorite character is now part of our collective! Inu Yasha is arrogant, cocky, Tsundere, yet sweet, protective and a loyal companion. He is also a half demon, so every night during a new moon, he loses his demon powers and becomes a human. Please join up if you love this hanyou~

Posted on Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 @ 11:19 PM

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