Aelysia officially debuted on 2009 and it continuously serves as a collective consisting personal various projects; since then this domain has undergone quite the transformation. This domain is part of the Celestial Oracle Studio and is registered through Aelysia is my little haven on the internet where I can express my work online catering to my narcissistic tendencies as well as any curious passerbys. It's still uncertain of what will become of my collective over the years, but one thing's for sure, I have bonded with my first ever domain and I can't think of letting it go anytime soon.


Story behind that unique name.

Simply put, the domain name is a simple play of letters with the word "elysia" which means "heaven; blissful" I wanted a different site name that would represent the transition of uniqueness, simplicity and aesthetics. I thought the word "elysia" crystallized that concept quite well, so I decided that it was time to start anew. That in mind, the idea of adding an "A" in front of the word elysia would be pronounced the same way and this is how the name Aelysia came to be.


The creation of this design.

You are currently viewing version 4.0 from the series Dolly Kiss illustrated by Queenie Law (aka CHIGUSA), designed on Photoshop CC. This layout was coded using HTML, PHP, and CSS in Notepad. Fonts I used are Felix Titling, Fira Sans, and Playfair Display. You can find more resources I used which is listed at Memento — Credits Directory. Script effects I used are:
  1. Smooth Scrolling - when scrolling back up
  2. qTip Tooltip - nicer blurbs
  3. Animated Collapsible DIV - used on my network
  4. Fancyapps Lightbox - viewing another window within my site
  5. Sliding jQuery Menu - dropdown navigation
This design was originally made for my contact page, but it was too gorgeous not to make it for my domain's main layout. I've also neglected my domain for too long without a layout, so this design has inspired me to keep working on my domain until the end. This concept was based from my other site I co-own, Enamour.


The owner of this domain.

I'm a self-proclaimed web developer, self-taught, hobbyist web designer and coder. I'm also a student, a gamer, an artist, a mom, and a healthcare professional. Web designing is a way for me to sometime escape reality and consider it a stress-reliever hobby I do on the side.

This hobby of mine began sometime around June 2003 as I took my creativity skills to the next level and learned to design on computer. There I opened my first graphics site and learned to code basic HTML/CSS and advanced computer languages such as PHP and MySQL with the help of many other webmasters I've met in the designing community. I've also met a lot of people there with similar interests: anime and gaming. Hence, most of my designs are based off what you see today. After years of graphic designing and maintenance, I eventually got into collectives around 2009 after feeling tired of managing a graphic site to strive for others' approval.

The idea of managing a collective domain gave me my own pace of learning. A lot of things have changed since then; my designs, creativity, and knowledge have grown. This continue to enable me to grow as a better designer and hopefully, I'll continue to pursue my hobby for many more years to come.

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